Some great books…..


On Relationships

‘Attached’ by Amir Levine


On Psychotherapy & Related

‘Love’s Executioner’ by Irvin Yalom

Healing The Shame That Binds You’ by John Bradshaw

 ‘Care of the Soul’ by Thomas Moore


On Living with Chronic Illness

‘Bone’ by Marion Woodman


On Mindfulness 

‘When Things Fall Apart’ by Pema Chodron


On Addiction 

‘In The Realm of Hungry Ghosts’ by Gabor Mate


 On Trauma

‘Trauma and Recovery’ by Judith Herman


On Manhood

 ‘King, Warrior, Magician, Lover’ by R. Moore & D. Gillette

‘Iron John’ by Robert Bly


On Womanhood

‘Leaving my Father’s House’ by Marion Woodman

‘The Dance of Anger’ by Harriet Lerner


On Dream-Work

‘Dream Tending’ by Stephen Aizenstat


On Consciousness

‘No Boundary’ by Ken Wilber


On Sacred Activism

‘The Hope’ by Andrew Harvey


On Life

Poets Rumi & Hafiz


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